Viscosity #DnB 🎚 S3E1 ft. Avain Flew 🦉 (NYCR, SMA, GHRO, MSP) Tuesdays 🕖 7-10PM EST 11PM-2AM UTC.

Viscosity #DnB is a new weekly mix series by Avian Flew of NYCR and Konkrete Jungle fame. Flew has been DJing and archiving underground electronic dance music since the mid-1980s. His skills are rarely matched and selections not only span the decades but cover a range of rhythmic taste from old school Hip Hop to hardcore Dubstep and everything in between. Viscosity #DnB features all styles of Jungle/Drum & Bass from early ‘Ardcore Breakbeat circa 1992 to all the new and exclusive Liquid, Trap and Drumstep choons your eardrums can handle.

Viscosity #DnB 🎚: Tuesdays 🕖 7-10PM EST / Wednesdays 11PM-2AM UTC.

Welcome welcome one and all! Tuesdays are all music almost all day in SMA. We begin with Radio Spaced, then onto Know What I Mean with Termite Music and One Media and then three hours of non stop Jungle/Drum and Bass music for your eardrums. Be sure to join us in the live chat during all shows shout-outs and shenanigans. We are also running the #SolarTinySoundraffle and selling #HipHopisDead t-shirts. For details, be sure to DM me on Discord – Movement19#0266.

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